02 Feb, 2024
Ability to add additional workspaces

"3 workspace are not enough" was becoming a pattern since we launched the multiple boards feature last year. So we're happy to announce that you can now add additional workspace to your account.

The option to add more workspace will be available in the workspace switch once you reach the included limit in your account. Additional workspaces are available for €6.49, one-time payment. You can add as many workspaces as you need, there is no limit.

13 Jan, 2024
Custom tag and category colors, widget link and maintenance

We're finally back with an update. The past months we were concentrating on customer acquisition instead of building new features. We have some nice things planned for this year and we're starting with two things that were requested quite often.

Custom colors for tags and categories

In case you don't like our pre-defined colors for tags / categories, you may now define your own colors. Set any background color and text color that you like.

Color picker for tags and categories
Color picker for tags and categories

Remove widget link

When using our widget, people can click on the "Updates" title at the top of the widget in order to open the standalone changelog. We added an option to disable the link. Go you the workspace settings at and find the section "Outgoing widget link" to disable / enable this.

Apart from those two updates, we did some regular maintenance updates as well. Bringing the underlying software to their latest versions and making sure things run as smooth as possible.

25 Aug, 2023
Exporting workspaces

We're happy to let you know that you can now export workspaces. 🎉 This feature is now available in "public beta" and will be monitored by us for the next few weeks until stable.

To export your workspace, go to your main settings at and scroll all the way down to the "Export board" section.

Workspace settings
Workspace settings
17 Aug, 2023
Multiple boards, completed submissions list and more

Today we are happy to release the possibility to create multiple boards along with a few other additions and fixes.

Multiple boards

Finally, right? Subscribers of the "Business" plan are now able to create up to 3 boards within their account. Each board can have a different team and of course, a different (custom) domain. For now, we set a limit to 3 boards, but may increase it or add an option to purchase additional boards. Please let us know your feedback on this.

Completed submissions

It is now also possible to show completed submissions when viewing the roadmap in the frontend. This can build trust when users see which tasks / submissions were already completed in the past. You can switch the option in the board settings.

Disable dates

We also added the option to disable dates in the frontend. This can be useful if you don't want your users to see when submissions or comments were created.

Disable social sign-in/sign-up

If you don't want users to sign up via Google or GitHub, you can now remove that option from the sign-in and sign-up flow. Check the board settings for this option.

Lots of smaller UI improvements and fixes

A few minor bug fixes and changes were also shipped with that latest update. Some you can see, some you can't. We also upgraded the underlying software to their latest versions, so everything should be a little faster and more secure.

18 May, 2023
Private categories, board introduction and more

Today we shipped another update of smaller bug fixes, as well as two new features.

Private categories

It is now possible to restrict categories. Let's say you collect feature requests and bug reports from your users. While it can be useful to have reported bugs visible to the public, it is not always the best approach – especially when there are serious bugs reported.

To restrict a category, simply go to your "Categories and Tags" settings and set the category of your choice to private. Only you, or your team, can see submissions to these categories within the backend.

Submissions in restricted categories are also visible to those who submitted them.

Board introduction text

We added the possibility to add a "welcome message" to your feedback board. This message will appear on the home page of your board above the submissions. You can apply simple formatting (h1, h2, h3, bold, italic, lists, link) to this text.

What else ...

Within the backend, it is now also possible to show submissions that have been archived. Use the filter on the "Submissions" page to toggle archived submissions.

We also upgraded the underlying software to their latest versions and fixed a few smaller bugs.

14 Mar, 2023
Additions and improvements

We are happy to finally ship a new update. We updated all underlying software to their latest versions, updated the PHP version and also improved server performance by tweaking a few things.

Apart from that, we added the following features:

Password protected base

It is now possible to restrict access to your whole base by locking it with a password. To do that, simply go to your base settings and set a password that has to be entered when opening your base in the frontend.

Disable roadmap

Similar to the changelog, it is now possible to disable the roadmap. Both the changelog and the roadmap are enabled by default. If you don't want to keep a public roadmap, feel free to disable it in your appearance settings.

02 Sep, 2022
Disable Changelog and no more LinkedIn

A regular maintenance update along with one addition and one removal.

It is now possible to disable the Changelog. Just go to your appearance settings at and disable the "Changelog tab" checkbox. When done, the tab won't appear in the frontend. This can be useful if you don't want to maintain a changelog or use a different service for that.

No more sign in via LinkedIn

Due to unpopular demand, it is no longer possible to sign in or sign up with LinkedIn SSO. This option is now completely removed.

10 Apr, 2022
Pin Submissions, Disable Upvotes and Comments

A few days ago we shipped a smaller update that extends the options for submitted requests.

Pin Submissions

It is now possible to pin submissions. Pinned submissions appear at the top of the list, regardless of how many upvotes were given. This gives you the possibility to highlight certain submissions to make sure your users see them.

Disabled Upvotes and Comments

You may now also disable the possibility to upvote or comment on a submission. Both are separate options. This gives you the flexibility to maybe showcase submissions that were created by you or one of your editors that were not requested by users and that don't rely on upvotes.

15 Mar, 2022
New editor, Changelog alerts and more

Soon after launching, we recognised that our chosen editor, TinyMCE, was not the right fit for us. We needed more flexibility and better ways to extend functions to our needs.

Today we're happy to ship this new editor. 🎉 It's much more flexible and allows us to implement upcoming features, such as internal links to submissions, more easily. The new editor is an "inline" editor, meaning you don't see any available formatting options right away. It takes away the clutter and allows you to write changelog entries and own submissions faster. This new editor is also now available to your frontend. So users submitting feature requests and the likes will also use this updated editor.

Changelog Alerts 📣

Also shipped today: Changelog Alerts. Your users can now subscribe to your changelog and can be notified whenever you publish new updates or anything else to your changelog. It is possible for either logged in users, so participants to your feedback board, as well as guests to subscribe. Guests will have to confirm their email address before they are counted as subscribers.

As an admin, you can – and this is totally optional – send an email to all subscribers, informing them about your new updates or announcements. This is a "per-entry" option and not automatically done. Maybe you don't want to send out every update or you have other reasons to not send out a message for a specific entry.

What else...

We also made some changes to the appearance and handling of changelog entries in the admin area. The list is now much cleaner and organised.

We also tweaked a few things on the server side and upgraded the underlying systems to the latest versions. Everything should (still) run smoothly, now even a tiny bit faster and more secure. ✨

25 Feb, 2022
Added notifications 📢

This one did not make it for launch day, but is actually quite useful: Notifications.

Today we're happy to announce that we fixed the remaining issues and finally deployed the ability to receive notifications.

This is pretty self-explanatory. Whenever something happens, you can get a notification. We currently support Email and Slack notifications, but will add more over time.

For now, you can be notified on two events:

  1. When a submission is created
  2. When a comment is posted

We will add other events over time, but those should be the more needed ones. If you have a wish for a notification method or other events, be sure to request it via our feedback board.